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Important: Suggestions for the trip!
Read the document for the trip to the Havana.
• The price of the taxis, airport-Havana, cannot be bigger at 25.00 CUC, all taxis… never more than 25 CUC
• When you change their money in the establishments of CADECAS, obtain bill of 5 CUC, so that you pay the exact money to the taxi driver.
• Take the taxis in the door of the airport.
• Don't trust anything of the taxi driver tells you.
• If the taxi driver asks: how many time in Cuba?, never to respond; first time.
• You have to insist in the address of the house, because many time the taxi driver go to other houses, that are far from their destination alleging that: he doesn't find the address, or they have a better price, or that the place, zone is not safe.
• Don't trust anything of the taxi driver tells you.
• If in the airport emigration ask you: Where do you go in Havana?, you can  give the address of our house, but you  have to come direct to house, of not being this way, would  bring them problem with emigration in Cuba.
• You should exchange money in the official establishments inside the airport (CADECAS)  
• To copy the map of the place Web for a quick orientation.
• To bring a photocopy of the passport.
• All the services are paid in CUC

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